A little bit about us...

South East Queensland Ice Cream are Ice Cream distributors to central and south east Queensland, as well as northern New South Wales.
We are your Streets Ice Cream distributor, Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream distributor and Everest Ice Cream distributor rolled into one! Boasting Iconic and market leading brands such as Magnum, Gaytime and Paddlepop, our products are sure to be a success in your business.
SEQ Ice Cream fully service all aspects of the route trade, and enable our customers (link to customer section) to order ice cream in bulk. Our range (link to range) includes impulse (sticks), take-home and multi-packs and scoop (5L, 10L, 11L) lines to cater for any business’s ice cream needs.

Why SEQ?

Market leading brands

Outstanding Customer Service

20 truck fleet, on the road 5 days a week

All this ice-cream giving
you a brain freeze?

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