Streets Ice Cream

Streets Ice Cream brings joy and refreshment. With brands like Magnum, Paddle Pop, Blue Ribbon, Cornetto, Calippo, Bubble’o’Bill and Golden Gaytime there is something for everyone.

Ben & Jerrys

The World’s most well-known and beloved ice cream brand, Ben & Jerrys is synonymous for quality, fun & wacky flavours. The brands focus on sustainability and allowing ice cream to be enjoyed by all (see their Vegan range!) makes it a must have brand for any store. SEQ Ice cream ranges 120ml, 458ml & 9L varieties.


SEQ Ice Cream stocks the full range of Everest Ice Cream, including 5L, 10L & 11L varieties, perfect for Scoop Ice Cream outlets, Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs and Cafés for desserts & catering. The specialists in bulk scoop ice cream for market.

All this ice-cream giving
you a brain freeze?

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