Freezer Breakdowns

Has your freezer broken down?

Please take a look at the below and contact us if you require any further clarification.

We are so sorry for the breakdown. Please call Kingloc 1800 653 986 to register a call for a mechanic to come and look at the freezer.

Once they confirm a mechanical issue – we will look to fix it on site (to reduce complexity/transport costs). If the freezer is deemed non-fixable, a replacement unit will be sent to the store, and we will credit you the Streets stock back.

Please Note: 
You will need the freezer serial number. This will be found on the ID plate attached to the freezer.
During the phone call to Kingloc, you will be required to give information found on the ID plate, as well as basic store information (opening hours, contact details, address).

We are really sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately you will need to go through the supplier who owns the asset. Please get in touch when it is rectified & provide a copy of the freezer breakdown report to us so we can ensure we get your stock back in store ASAP.

We are so sorry this has happened. Stores unfortunately need to claim the value of the stock back through their HO or through insurance. Please contact Kingloc 1800 653 986 if the freezer is no longer in working order- refer to ‘My freezer is Streets/ Ben & Jerry’s’.

Please keep in mind KINGLOC require the following:

DO NOT throw away your damaged stock, KINGLOC will count this stock and if your freezer is at fault your stock will be replaced at no charge.

NB: Power outages will need to be processed through your own insurance provider

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